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We are your one-stop rental shop!

 Business Strengths:

We are locally and family-owned and strive to provide excellent service. Our employees will do all that we can to help you plan that special event. We have an extensive rental inventory to service contractors, homeowners, and party groups alike.


“To make every event pleasurable, memorable and special. Nearly everyone (even businesses) have events in their lives worth celebrating”

Rent from Midwest Rentals!

Renting is as easy as giving us a quick phone call, shopping online or stopping by one of our locations. One of our wonderful staff members will walk you through the process, gather the necessary information and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Hourly, daily and weekly rentals options are available.

About Midwest Rentals

Midwest Rentals is a local rental company specializing in party, tools and equipment rentals for upcoming events, DIY projects and construction crews. We are your one-stop shop for all rental needs.

Since 1953, our inventory and services have continued to grow. We are excited to offer event planning assistance for wedding, party and upcoming special events, as well as to provide tools and equipment for construction crews, home improvement projects and other projects requiring special equipment. We were founded on family values and strive to provide good, quality customer service.

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Midwest Rentals History

With 60+ years of service to the Greater Lafayette community, we’re proud to be your local, rental experts.
Learn more about our business history and where we are today!
  • 1953

    In June of 1953, James P. Schafer and an army buddy, Chuck Selby, opened one of the first rental stores in the country. In the early years, we handled tools, light construction, medical and party equipment. We have been in one main location since 1953, though we have grown and changed over the years. Knowing that we would outgrow the original building, we bought property in the area as it came up for sale. Eventually, Midwest Rentals covered almost an entire city block, with land on both sides of 5th Street.
  • Late 1970s

    We saw a need for portable restrooms and added that to our line.
  • 1985

    A 10,000-square-foot building was constructed next to the original in order to house the party goods. We found that specialization facilitated growth in both areas.
  • 1986

    We joined the mini warehouse business from 1986 to 1999. It was sold to a developer who was interested in getting the neighborhood back to a residential use. He put up the 5th Street Brownstones, which fit into the historic look of the area.
  • 1997

    With continued expansion in mind, the tool division moved across from Caterpillar on State Road 26 East.
  • 1998

    The tool division move also brought Midwest Rentals to the attention of a national chain of rental stores. United Rentals purchased the tool division in October 1998.
  • 2000

    Jim Schafer (our original founder) passed away February 19, 2000, and his wife (Ruth Schafer) and two of his daughters (Nancy Stacy and Karen O’Leary) are the current managers.
  • 2003

    After a few years being out of the tool business, we reemerged in that market in 2003. With a small but respectable startup back into this area, we started to flourish, providing the smaller hand and power tools that the larger national chains don’t regularly carry.
  • 2007

    Being one of the only party rental stores in the area, our party division has seen great growth in recent years, and with it, we found the need to move from our downtown location, which had been our home for the better part of 53 years. We found the former location of Carter Lumber at the intersection of Old US 231 South and State Road 25 South to be an ideal location for us. With increased warehouse space, ample ground and room to grow, we moved into this location in early April 2007. We added more moonwalks, tents, AV equipment and costumes to accommodate our growing party needs. Likewise, we added more tools and heavy construction equipment to better provide for our clients.