How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume

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How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume | Midwest Rentals | Costume Rentals

Fall is in the air, and that means it’s almost time for Halloween! Candy, parties, and fun costumes…what’s not to love? If you’re wondering how to find the perfect Halloween costume this year, check out these helpful tips.

Get your costume early.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume well in advance is a smart move. Two weeks before the holiday, costumes will fly off the shelves. So, start thinking about costumes early!


Read the fine print.

How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume | Midwest Rentals | Costume Rentals

Have you found the perfect Halloween costume for you or your child? Make sure you read the clothing tags! You may need to be aware of safety instructions. In addition, the Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends that you ensure the costume is flame retardant or resistant. Halloween is meant to be fun, and with just a little precaution, you can keep yourself and your child safe, too.


Get the right size…

How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume | Midwest Rentals | Costume Rentals

When you picture your perfect Halloween costume, do you imagine yourself struggling to move in a too-small or too-big getup? Probably not. You want to be comfortable and move freely! This is especially important when choosing a costume for little ones. It’s also smart to stay away from long sashes, cloaks, and other ill-fitting garments that could make you or your child trip. Instead, opt for a shorter cloak, pants, or even a banana!


…and the right material.

A lightweight, breathable fabric is the best way to go for the perfect Halloween costume, especially if you or your child have sensitive skin. This goes along with finding the right size—you don’t want something too tight that will give you a rash! A great way to prevent this is to get an airy costume that doesn’t cling too much to your skin. For example, you could go vintage with a ‘50s dress or funny with an apple—it’s your call!


Plan for cold weather.


October 31 is colder than the beginning of fall. You might even see snowflakes while you’re trick-or-treating! That’s why your perfect Halloween costume should include something to keep you or your child warm. If you’re wearing a skirt, add tights or a leotard for an extra layer and protection from the cold. Jackets or long-sleeved t-shirts are other great ways to stay warm while trick-or-treating or going from party to party.



How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume | Midwest Rentals | Costume Rentals


Adding accessories can take your perfect Halloween costume to the next level. If you’re celebrating for multiple days, accessorizing also gives you a different look from one night to the next. Gloves, hats, and masks are just a few easy ways to add some pizzazz to your costume. Just make sure you or your little one can see and breathe properly if you plan on wearing a mask. Then you’ll be ready for a Halloween full of fun! 


Save money by renting.

Why buy a costume you’ll only wear once or twice? You can still be the belle of the Halloween ball without breaking the bank. When you rent your costume, you can get everything in one place and save money at the end of the day. Plus, with easy pickup and returns, you’ll be able to have your perfect Halloween costume on time and on budget.


Follow these tips for your perfect Halloween costume! And remember: this holiday is all about having fun (while staying safe) and being with family and friends. Get ready for your best Halloween yet!


How to Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume | Midwest Rentals | Costume Rentals



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